I believe in surrounding myself with the best people I can find.

About Us

Mike Lunsford, the founder of Site Services of The Carolinas started his career as a graduate civil engineer in Virginia in 1985. He always says that the years he spent "on the boards" designing civil projects ranging from large commercial and residential developments to highways laid the foundation for his understanding of how to build a project from beginning to end.

For the past 32 years Mike has been an integral part in the design, implementation and construction of many major civil infrastructure projects through out the southeast.

As part of his learning and experience in this business Mike has worked and been trained by some of the biggest civil contractors in the world to include JA Jones Construction, Heavy Division, and Laidlaw Environmental.

Mike believes in surrounding himself with the best people he can find, to include estimators, project managers, accounting and support staff.

Our Services

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  • Land Clearing
  • Earthwork
  • Storm Drainage
  • Sanitary Sewer
  • Water Distribution
  • Erosion Control
  • Site Concrete
  • Retaining Walls
  • Permanent Clean Water Ponds
  • Sand Filters
  • Bio-Remediation Ponds
  • Underground Detention Facilities


  • Box Culverts
  • Bottomless Culverts


  • Asphalt Paving
  • Patching
  • Milling
  • Stone Placement
Road Work

Road Work

  • New Highway
  • Road Widening
  • Turn Lanes

Our Competitive Advantage

A lot of companies load up on equipment and then try to find capable operators to fill those seats. This has been a successful method of operating a construction company for years but we believe that the more talent you have to pull from the better. For that reason, Site Services of The Carolinas maintains a core group of operators and superintendents with in-house equipment and a large stable of small to medium size contractors that work for Site Services almost exclusively throughout the year. This business plan has produced a very efficient group that works well together and most importantly produces results that allows Site Services to keep overhead low, production high, provide our customers with very competitive pricing that results in over 90% repeat business.

In addition, literally no job is too small or too big for us to price and perform, from fixing water and sewer services for a few hundred dollars to our biggest job to date which included over 100 acres of clearing and 1 million cubic yards of earthwork!

Site Services is fully licensed in North and South Carolina with unlimited designation in both states which means we can bid and contract essentially any size job that comes along.

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